Mga Tula ng Lumuluwag na turnilyo #1



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  1. chu03
    Apr 18, 2009 @ 16:43:06

    hi, i became curious sa website na pinost mo. so i checked it out and blog mo pala ito. i scanned some of ur works and this one got my attention. aside from being colorful (i.e. illustration ), well presented and striking, i find it very interesting so i decided to give some comments on it. it’s really true that we sometimes find it hard to be with others and even to make friends with them. meron ung time na hindi mo feel ang isang tao kahit na first time mo pa lang nakita. i’m not sure kung anong tawag dun but probably most of us nararanasan un. but i learned one important lesson…that is to be always honest with yourself and to others as well and you can never go wrong. but how can you be honest and at the same time not being rude? mahirap maging modest at nice hindi ba? just like making comments or giving suggestions. whatever we say or state we sometimes let go of our thoughts and emotions kasi nga nagpapakatotoo tau but we don’t realize na whatever words that comes up in our mouth or writings we can either make someone happy or sad, inspire or upset and even offend someone. writing is fun and powerful and like faith it can move mountains, influence people and even change the world but it’s a big responsiblity and not everyone has that passion and gift to write. that’s why you’re very fortunate because you have that passion and you have that talent. i admire ur works and just continue what you had started. by the way thank you for that honest comment you’ve made after reading my work posted in entitled, “mabagal ang takbo ng buhay ko”. honestly you made me think a lot but it did help me. again arigato gozaimasu.


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